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Wheres The Main Pvp Spot At?



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Only a tiny part of the community cares about pvp; it was never the focus of warframe.

I play it sometimes.


I just go there to snipe scrubs with my opticor and shoot them while im downed with my lex. Occasionally making a sandwich with my Dual Cleavers.

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Europa conclave.


There's usually at least one full lobby there, it's the most popular conclave map. DS PvP is no fun, conclave is where the action is.

Thanks Ill try that out... Cause theres conclaves everywhere but theyre all empty so I was wonderin which is most popular and just hang around there

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Darn, really wanted a fast paced shooty game, not kill paper soldiers all day

Depends if you mean conclaives or Dark sector pvp. I dont know the Conclave spot but the DS tend to be the ones with gogod battlepay or interesting clans/alliances fighting it out. So it varies

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Probably Europa (indoor Corpus cargo bay). It has the best framerate, which probably accounts for its relative popularity.


But yeah. If you like using broken mechanics (i.e., punch through on explosive weapons), then you will probably like Conclave. The players are generally fairly helpful and will show you sniping spots and camping spots if you ask... generally.

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