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My Rhino,nova,oberon Mostly All My Warframes



I have a question to evryone I haven't put forma Onto my Warframe yet First time I ever polarized something was my Dera but I am planning to get my Charecters OP simply meaning by Itself I don't really want to like run into a group and have over 700 shield then It just goes down within 2 seconds and health just Goes down as quickly as anything for instance Oberon I want him to be more Damage and Having as much energy as possible plus doing as much effects with my abilities so I actully can do something against rank 16-50 or even more Nova for me Sure I can spamm probably 7-8 times With her Fourth Ability but Against The ranks In Ceres for example 30-36 Can Kill okay but My Health and defense And Damage seems to be the most problem plus Energy cost does anyone reccomend anything on what to do Or what to add?~

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Its a little vauge to your situation. Do you even have energy manipulating mods like Flow, Streamline etc?

Also, you need to watch how you play with each character. You can't tank with everything (which if you're taking so much damage to lose 700 shields in 2 seconds, you must be).

For Oberon, you'll want to go Efficiency and Strength builds if you just want damage and the ability to use abilities often. If you want your abilities to last longer, go Duration (though not quite as highly recommended)

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I surely install Flow, Streamline mod for spamming purpose. 

Energy amount is important, the cost of energy can reduce by streamline. 

You need to study the power strength, power range and power duration do to your warframe skills.

I basically install health or shield mod for my tanker warframe. For my nuker warframe, i will get Vigor for them. 

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Oberon: Continuity Level 4 Max< Intenstify 6 Max < Vitality and Redirection Vitality Is 9 and rediriection Is 11 there are 3 ranks left for them and Streamline Is at max 9< Flow Is at Max 9 too stretch 9 and I added Steel fiber wich has nothing 


Rhino: Vitality 5 Redirection 6 both need 3 levels to go to max level Stretch and Streamline Is at max flow Is level 4 ( Has no blue dots)  Thiefs wit Max  steel charge 8 but no dots 


Nova Intensify Level 6 Max level Continuity Level 4 Max level Flow  9 max Level stretch 9 max level Flow 9 max level streamline 9 max level vitality 9 In need of 3 dots 


thats all my Info on what I use for those 3 But It seems ofcourse nova ain't no tank but she dies as quickly as oberon and barely deals any damage to rank higher When she goes to Ceres can mabey do something In defense first wave to the 2 but not more as I just die quickly

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