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How Should I Mod My Hek?



So I've recently reached Rank 4 and crafted the Hek, and I find it a pretty good weapon (though, not as good as the Boltor or Paris, but oh well.). I was wondering which mods I should put on it. I currently have Blaze, Chilling Grasp and Serration on it. What other mods should I have? I assume Multishot, increased magazine size and/or punch-through are a must. What about about +Status% Mods, since the Hek has a pretty decent Status Chance (25%)?


Also, is it worth catalyzing the Hek?

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Well this is mine, from way back when, in a time before they changed how pellets work (Each pellet could crit/proc a looong time ago)


And I manily built it like that for the "lulz".
It still works quite well, and with the new multishot weapon augment you can get via Syndicates, I imagine I might start using it more again :D

But overall for a Hek, I'd recommend:
Hells Chamber (Multishot)
Accelerated Blast (Fire rate + Puncture) which is Hek's main dmg type
Vicious Spread (Dmg + Pellet Spread) Works wonders with multishot
Point Blank
Then it's really up to you, either go the magazine route or the reload speed route.
As well as picking some elemental combo, I went with Gas since skipping out on Blaze (Dmg+Fire dmg) seemed dumb at the time:P


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Hrrrm... well, the Hek is quite possibly one of, if not the most powerful shotguns in the game, but only conditionally; the Steel Meridian's augment for it gives it 200% multishot, which is quite substantial. I haven't seen it in action, however, and I imagine it sells for a fortune now. I'd leave a slot for it in case you ever get it, but at a base, you'd want...


Point Blank

Hell's Chamber

Accelerated Blast

Vicious Spread


Elemental #1

Elemental #2

Elemental #3


I'd replace either Vicious Spread or one of the elementals with Scattered Justice (the Hek's augment mod) if you ever get it. The damage, multishot, and fire rate mods are too necessary to replace. Add punch-through if you really feel like you need it over damage, and Tactical Pump if you get impatient.

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