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Not Letting Me Upgrade My Mods Slots

(XBOX)Warden Cleric


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Are you sure you do not have 2 Orokin Catalysts (Blue) instead of Orokin Reactors(Gold/Yellow)?
Have you installed a Orokin Reactor on him before? (You can only "potatoe" a frame/weapon once)


If you got them from an alert/invasion, then you need to build them in your foundry first (Blueprint)


If none of the above is the issue, well then I'm not quite sure what could be wrong.
Have you tried relogging, if you can do that on the Xb1.

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It's very hard to diagnose your problem through the forums, so let's go through the steps and tell me where it goes wrong, okay?


I'm on PC, but I think menu's should be pretty much similar. First, check if you have a built reactor:

Go to menu and press EQUIPMENT.


Then press INVENTORY to browse all your items.

Go to the MISC tab and browse down to reactors.


I have 1 built and ready to go. They're definitely not blueprints like the odonata parts, the orokin items have a solid grey background.

Go to the arsenal next and press upgrade.


In the mod screen, press ACTIONS, the button at the lower right.


In the action menu, the second option is the one you can use to put a reactor in your frame. Mine already has one (and one is the limit). After you put it in, your available energy will increase.


Does this button not work for you even though you have a built reactor? If so, it's time to contact warframe support because there's something wrong with your inventory that we fellow players can't help you with.

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