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Archwing Enemies Collide With Mods Sending Mods Into Deep Space


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I'm sure everyone who's played Archwing enough has noticed that sometimes one player in your team just can't find a mod, even though you've marked it.  And sometimes they see the mark but it's way at the very border of the map and The Lotus threatens to extract them if they go and get it.


Well, I witnessed what may be the cause of these shenanigans tonight.  I was floating in deep space in an interception, and all of the enemies were pathing first to an uncaptured node, and then straight to me.  This kept them all in a nice line.  There was a lull in the number of enemies (thankfully, would not have noticed this if there wasn't).  The next enemy I killed dropped a mod, but I could see a couple more coming so I didn't go to grab it.  One of the enemies bumped into the mod and sent it flying out of my field of view.


Please, find a way to prevent collisions between enemies and mods without having all our mods drift into asteroids.  It's rough enough for players to rebuild from scratch without all their drops flying to the borders of the map.

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