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Syndicates Small Change Idea


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Forgive me but I disagree with using two separate faction syndicates simultaneously, mainly because there's already the 100 / 50 thing where you get half reputation for the supporting faction


Also,because someone will surely try to use the sigils for 2 enemy faction at the same time, resulting in no rep gained or lost, defeating the system



I and probably others (muh clanmates at least) would however support using two sigils for the same faction because its only fair to do so right? RIGHT?!?! - (by this i mean one on  the front and one on the back)

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I understand where you're coming from. It could, and probably would, unbalance the system. However, I think a simple solution to your first situation would be to lock out the ability to equip sigils of enemy factions.


The reason behind this is because well, they're enemies, neither side would like you working for the other. On that note, I would support equipping sigils of opposing factions. The reasoning behind this is as follows, just because two syndicates are opposed does not mean that they are enemies, it simply means (to me at least) that their ideals and doctrines simply don't allign. So, the syndicates may not like you bearing their sigil and the sigil of the opposing group, but this shouldn't be on the same level as bearing the sigil of the enemy syndicate.


An example would be as such, I equip a Hexis sigil. Red Veil are enemies to the Hexis, therefore I cannot equip any Veil sigils. However, I can equip any other sigils, such as Perrin Sequence. The reason being that the two syndicates are merely opposed to one another, and to me that means that they can tolerate the other being there, but just don't like them. Now, of course your rep gain would take a hit in this particular example, because the Hexis sigil and Sequence sigil would sort of cancel each other out. Because the two are opposed you would only gain half of what you would if you were to bear just one syndicates sigil.


Personally, I'd like to see this implemented simply for the reason that at the moment, I really only want to be affiliated with the Arbiters (being a heretic is sooo much fun!). However, because they are allied with Suda, I inadvertently gain rep for that syndicate as well. The Sequence interests me somewhat and I might eventually try and earn some brownie points with them for their unique goodies. I don't however want to use the New Loka sigil much at all because personally I don't feel for their cause, but as the current system is, if I wanted to drop my standing with Suda I'd have to bear a Loka sigil even though I want nothing to do with that particular syndicate. If a system such as the one mentioned by the OP were implemented, then I could wear both my Hexis sigil and a Loka sigil to help keep Suda where I'd like (or at least knock it back down to neutral) and at the same time recover some of my current losses with the Sequence. Without having to sacrifice not gaining rep within the Arbiters simply because I could not bear their sigil.


I see no harm in a system such as this, and I even see it adding a larger dynamic element to the syndicates as a whole as well.


As for the second bit, I agree with you. I'd like to be able to equip a sigil on my chest and back in the least so long as the sigil belongs to the same syndicate.


TL;DR(and everyone else, since the very first part and last part of this was aimed at somedude)

I agree with the OP, we should be able to equip two sigils of different factions at the same time. However, I don't think we should ever be able to equip sigils of enemy factions, opposed factions are fine, enemy factions - no.

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