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Raw Steel Clan Recruitment


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                   Hello Tenno our clan Raw Steel is recruiting new people for our ranks. We have a very organized dojo and all our clan researches are done.

Our rules are;

-being friendly

-being active

-being active on our raidcall server everytime you play (doesn't matter that if you have a mic or not.)

-being respectful to others               





                     Clan Activities:

                     Our clan believes that sharing is the best part of the game. So our older members will help you to grind or will give you anything you need. We have in-clan events (stopped for now, which will start again in 2 weeks) like, boxing, fashion, "Beginners' day" (old players take new members to end-game content), "Masters' day"( for record breaking and such).






                  Our clan has a faceebook page, a twitter account, a steam group, a youtube account and a website ( www.RawSteel.net ) We use raidcall as our main communication means.

                   How To Apply?

                  Just visit our website www.RawSteel.net and apply from there. You can contact me or our Warlord Salcronaz via in-game or through a forum message too.

                                                                             Have a nice day, Tenno.


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