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Status Chance: Why?





Whenever I watch high level/endgame stuff, things die real fast, like within the first 1-3 bullets.


Why, then, is a high status chance weapon desirable? I know what status effects do, but it seems that there isn't a point in being able to apply them if they can't spread and the affected will be dead either as fast or faster than you can apply them?

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Well, at later levels, status effects tend to be able to help much more than at earlier levels. That is to say, when things stop dying in a few hits, status effects begin to shine.


For myself, this is one reason why I enjoy the Grakata and Burston weapons, since they have a pretty good chance of inflicting status effects.


Viral effects reduce the enemy HP by half, and the bigger the hp, the larger the drop. This allows people with higher status chance to first do huge effective damage when the percentage reduction is largest, and then allow the typical DPS weapons to finish them off.


Corrosive effects are great for high level enemies with large amounts of armor. Corrosive is also one way to reduce their effective hp, and works best when enemies are at their strongest, before being finished off by higher DPS allies.


Radiation lets you spray into a crowd, and watch them kill their friends. I don't know what's not to like about this.


Gas sounds funny.


Blast is good for keeping everyone on their butts. 


Though, Magnetic is arguably the most useless of all procs, though perhaps, some day we might see more use of it if they add more effects to it. 


As you can see, most are great for higher level and tougher units. Not so great on the grunts, cause regular DPS weapons will wipe them out just fine. But I think a guy or two with some high status weapons are necessary to bring down the big guns more easily. It's a shame this aspect isn't more often shown, but it would really encourage team-work if enemies tend to be harder to kill. 


As for the level 1 status effects, like fire, electric, poison and cold, they have their mutual benefits, but mostly are great for their temporary stun. Their DoT is pretty pitiful.


As for Impact, Slash and Penetration, same thing. They do more harm than good for your status builds, though, cause the chance of proccing a specific element reduces the more damage type you have. This is why single-element weapons are hailed as the best status weapons, like the Synapse, Tysis and so on.

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If you don't want to try and go for a lvl 80 Heavy Gunner to find out why it's a bad idea not to bring status, let me show you Zanuka.

Zanuka deals some sweet damage. Soloing it is not easy. The damage you deal to it's shield is petty at most, usually.

HOWEVER, proc magnetic once and it's shields are gone. And then she dies because she has the equivalent of 1hp. And then you can kill Alad V all you want.

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After a point in endless gamemodes, enemies stop dying in moments. Then, they stop dying in several moments. That is when the status chance shines. You can increase the damage enemies take (Corrosive), knock them down (Blast), turn them against each other (Radiation), cut their health in half (Viral), or anything else to help you, It slows enemies down, makes them die faster, or both.


Here's an example: By wave 50 in a T3/T4 Defense, enemies can take quite a while to kill (at least with those who I've been with). By the time my allies have killed one Heavy Gunner, my Torid has Blast procced the whole Prova-waving horde (Disarm ftw) onto its metaphorical keister several times over (saving ourselves and the Pod) and stripped them of most if not all of their armor. Whether that's due to their weapons/modding/abilities being unoptimized or due to the enemies' durability, I can't say for certain, although I can say the procs save our lives.


Edit: Aside from crazy high levels, status procs are not really all that necessary. They're nice if your weapon takes more than a few shots to kill an enemy, although most people forgo status entirely in favor of higher damage.

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You dont have to fight high level enemies to enjoy status procs, theyre very useful while getting your stuff to 30 in the Solar System.

For example, you can take your weapon and put more status and quality of life mods on it, not pure damage like you have to in long void runs. You get the same experience fighting lv25 enemies with this "weaker" weapon that you do fighting lv80 bullet sponge enemies in void with a stronger weapon.

The added bonus of using a "weaker" weapon is that you can enjoy battling across all the different levels and missions throughout the solar system, instead of being stuck fighting in the same boring &#! missions in the void.

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