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There's Never Been A Better Time For Buff Timers.


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With the addition of Syndicates, we now have some cool new buff mods. Things like Furious Javelin, Safeguard Switch and Hall of Malevolence would greatly benefit from an in-HUD display of both buff duration AND stacks.


So if you hit five enemies with Furious (Radial) Javelin, you would get something like;

'Furious Javelin x5 ; 0:9'


In the case of Hall of Malevolence, with a stacking boost when you kill enemies (let's say, 8);

'Hall of Malevolence x8' (leaving the timer on the ability icon; I think it times out with the ability)


Or with Safeguard Switch, the invincibility after teleport switching;

'SafeGuard 0:5'


This also applies to older buffs on teammates; Rhino's Roar, Valkyr's Warcry, Oberon's new Hallowed carpet Ground and Renewal, maybe even mods like Berserker. A simple timer on the side of the screen would help greatly, partly just for the sake of knowing.


Probably been mentioned a lot, but there's never been a better time...r.

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