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[Suggestion]Auto-Collection Of Mods In Archwing Missions


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As the title says,please add the option to automatically collect mods that drop from enemies in all Archwing missions.


Archwing missions were supposed to be fastest missions,thats why we have insane sprint/boost speed on Archwings. But collecting mods slows down the pace of the missions which is a bit irritating.


Also,I would like to give you an example.


Yesterday,I was playing the Jupiter Archwing Sabotage. While me and another player were busy fighting enemies and destroying reactor,other two squad members were busy picking up the mods. And those two players apparently decided to not mark/tag a rare mod,which turned out to be Hyperion Thrusters. I am sure you guys can understand how irritated we 2 got because we were the ones who actually did the mission.


The thing is,the Archwing missions are so fast paced and the maps are so big that we have to rely on squadmates to tag the mods. And we don't always get nice teammates in pub matches. And because of that,people who concentrate on the mission objective get penalised because they didnt search enough.



As for methods of how this can be implemented,I came up with 2 ideas-


1. This is a straight forward way. Just make that whenever a mod drops,it is automatically added to the rewards of each player.


2. This is an alternate method. Incase,if someone actually likes to roam around and pick up mods themselves(which I believe no one likes to do),make a Archwing mod like Carrirer's Vaccuum,with a very large radius. That way,those who want to roam around and pick up the mods themselves can just unequip that mod from Archwing.


Thank You for reading =)

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If DE want to make them visible then they have to scale the mod size according to the map size.....Archwing maps are like 100X bigger than normal tiles. It is too hard to even see the mods. And then there is the fast paced gameplay....

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