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Best Melee Weapon That Does Not Require A Stance (For Quick Melee)



Most of the time I use the primary weapon, but sometimes an enemy comes too close.


While stances are very good and change the way how you use your melee weapon, usually towards the better, (especially once you apply Crimson Devrish to a normal sword), you have to equip your melee first (which is a tradeoff, sort off), which takes a few seconds, that is too long for me in the middle of a fight.


And therefore I am trying to find a melee weapon that does not depend on any stances to be good. I still equip that stance mod anyway to get free mod points, but I will not use said stance when I need to quickly melee an enemy.

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Glaive/Prime would be an interesting thing to try. You can throw it while un-equipped, and it can deal massive amounts of damage. Short range can also stunlock. I have a video on the subject that I'll link, but if that's not your style you could try Fang Prime, Dragon Nikana, or Jat Kitag are probably good options. I'm sure there are others too.

Not the best but I thought I had information that most people didn't know, and wanted to share
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Personally I use Amphis and Scoliac due to their high attack speed(also great for coptering). Amphis also has innate Electricity damage, so one Toxin, Fire, or Cold mod and you've got all the best elements(IMO). Scoliac has innate Toxin damage but only for grand slam IIRC, but it's still good.


You could look at Fang or Dual Ichor also.

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Depends what you like.


I know one of my friends basically cleaves with the Dakra Prime, and another the Dragon Nikana.


If you have a decent status mod collection, Serro can be useful depending what you build it for.

Orthos Prime is another popular weapon.


Other than that, honestly not sure what to suggest. I prefer to fight with melee directly where I can, and whilst I can say my Dual Heat swords do the job if I need to quick melee, Dual Ichors probably are better for damage if modded correctly.


Hope this helped some.

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