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Are The Perrin Sequence A Good Syndicate To Join?



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From a gameplay perspective...look at what items they offer you and make a choice based on that...tho eventually you'll want to have been an ally with all of them at one point, to get their goodies (problem being that they most likely will bring out new mods and items over time soooo...)


Doing the halloween mission gave me an easy 104-110 rep per run, You should get more from Void Towers and such.

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Just go for the 2 allies that have the rewards that appeal to you the most or go for whatever syndicate's mission statement appeals to you the most regardless of which one you join the gameplay stays the same.


Syndicate rep is based on how much xp your warframe earns so any high xp mission will get you good LP.

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I think there's really 3 different things to consider when joining a syndicate:


Either do you like their ideology, their design, or their rewards?


You can always try allying with two to four different syndicates to divvy up some of the reputation gain. I think you'll end up with a couple of different syndicates that you can pursue at that point.


Also you can trade the mods and supposedly the sigils too. So you won't necessarily be locked out of the rewards from a syndicate that hates you.

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