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Please Add A /afk Chat Command


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I know afk players in missions are a big problem, that's not what this topic is about. I'm talking about a chat command. So that when you are afk, players that send you a msg, would know you are afk.

I have free time on inconsistent times during the day, and sometimes i leave Warframe open most of the day, even when i'm not playing. I'm a clan leader and also have many players in my friends list. As a result every time i go afk, when i get back i have lots of open chat tabs of players talking to me.


So i get msgs complaining that i'm such a jerk for not responding, people thinking i'm being unfriendly because i don't accept their mission invites, things like that.


All this could be easily solved if we had a /afk chat command, so that when people talk to you they receive an automated msg, like "RexSol is AFK" or something like that, to let people know that i'm not there at the moment.


Am i the only one that think this would be a useful addition to the game? Please share your thoughts.

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/vaccept (accept the match vote)

/vdecline (decline the match vote)

/vclear (cancel your match vote)

/afk (inform other players that you are afk by placing an [AFK] beside your name or when they attempt to talk to you)

/group (form a conversation group private from other chats)

/groupinvite (invite people to the group chat)

/unstuck (teleports you to last checkpoint with a 1:00 minute cool down to avoid abuse)

Game modes:

/solo (change your game status to solo)

/io (change your game status to invite only)

/private (change your game status to private)

/public (change your game status to public)

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