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Infinitrix Is Recruiting! (All Research Except For Synapse Completed!)


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We have everything researched except for the Synapse (because most of us don't do Orokin Derelict missions often.)

We're a small clan, although we have about 7 people (as much as a Ghost clan), a Storm Barracks has been built for expansion.

There are no mastery level requirements.

But, the maximum amount of days you can be inactive before being removed out of the clan is 20 days, if you want to be re invited just send me a PM on the forums and you'll be reenlisted. 

Infinitrix is for players who enjoy peace and quiet, no alliances, no dark sector battles, just peace and quiet... and the occasional visit to the dojo for research and such.

Feel free to ask any questions, if you're interested in joining just PM me or leave a comment below. 

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