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Corpus Cameras


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This has been bothering me for a long time, and I feel it's a mechanic that can use some adjustment.  


1) Too many lasers - I know the cameras are supposed to be there as an environmental hazard, but it's really obnoxious when the lasers activate in a room with no camera.  I'm playing with a squad who doesn't care about the cameras or tripping or damage to their shields, and I'm in a completely different part of the map, and one of the guys WAY ahead of me sets off a camera that causes me to faceplant.  Because there's SO MANY FREAKING CAMERAS this happens way too often.  If a camera spots you, It should only turn on the lasers to the doors that connect to that room.  There will still be overlap, sure, but when I'm 5 rooms away, I won't be affected by another player's carelessness or bravado (to tank the damage and keep running).  At worst this leaves me at a tactical disadvantage because of someone else's action, and at best it's an irritating game of "red-light-green-light" while I wait for that person to get out of the camera's range so the lasers will turn off so I can cross the threshold and destroy the camera behind them.


2) Too many cameras - Specifically the Corpus ship tileset.  The planetary and Jupiter tilesets aren't nearly as bad.  Having to stop and break each and every camera serves no purpose except to get the stealth kills affinity bonus.  I had a camera facing a door that I destroyed, and as soon as I stepped through the door I trip over lasers because of the camera on the other side that I did not and could not see.  To the credit of the Corpus, their security is top notch (bravo).  To the detriment of the game, it hampers the overall fun and flow of the game; it's a nuisance to veteran players, and it's another barrier to new players who are no doubt also frustrated with this high level of security.


3) Field of vision bugged - I should probably make a thread in the bug report subforum about this, but I've tripped cameras that were below me, through an opaque floor.  I'm not technically in the camera's field of vision, but the game thinks I am.  This is especially problematic in that double-decker room where there's like 4 turrets.  Vets know which room (I hope), where there's a top section, an empty middle section that a Tenno can jump down to the lower section where the camera is.  Because of that camera's placement, players are fired upon by 4 turrets.  The Turrets may not have a lot of health, but when you're trying to knock out 4 turrets and room full of Corpus Crewmen/MOAs, it gets really obnoxious really fast, all for a camera that I can't see and shouldn't see me.  I've also had an instance where a camera saw me about 200 meters away.  It's that big room with 2 or 3 floors with the elevators.  A second-floor camera managed to see me all the way across the room and down a floor.  That kind of range is ridiculously broken.


I understand that the cameras aren't going away.  A game like this needs environmental hazards, so please adjust them to make them challenging, but still fun.


1) Please have the cameras put lasers on just one room (or even just one door like the Grineer)

2) Please cut back on the number of cameras.  There is no gameplay reason to have 1-3 cameras in a single room except to be a jerk.  It won't break my immersion if the Corpus security gets a little lax.

3) Please look into the field of view of the cameras and adjust them accordingly.  If Metal Gear Solid can get it right in 1998, I think you guys should be able to pull it off.

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Yes, please god yes. 

While we're on the topic of corpus cameras, higher level maps should have different camera placements than lower level maps. They should be put in places (not unreachable places, like the Grineer security bar that's stuck in the ceiling) where you'll have to stop sprinting/coptering in order to shoot/melee it in a way to slow down rushing.


Environmental hazards should be a fun part of gameplay, not an annoyance. The corpus cameras do the exact opposite of this, and implementing these changes would help fix it.

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