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Suggestion Regarding Devstream #40 Comments About Cosmetic Sigils


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During Devstream #40 the devs talked a bit about the community's calls for Sigils to provide an additional XP bonus for the represented faction. Their original intent, it was stated on stream, was to give players another form of customization without bringing min-maxing into it. Due to the level of feedback to the contrary however, it sounds like DE feels that they have to seriously consider this general request for an XP bonus.


I would like to make a suggestion for meeting in the middle on Sigils, as I feel strongly that DE was in the right about making them cosmetic, but implemented this incorrectly. I'll state my suggestions first and then give the reasoning.



1) Give all faction Sigils a single nominal price (i.e. 5000 faction XP.) 

2) Give any player who obtains the highest level in the faction the 'ultimate' Sigil for free.


Reasoning: The current pricing system is, I believe, the cause for community consternation. Giving Sigils increasing prices automatically creates the expectation of increasing value. Considering that Sigils are currently cosmetic only, this expectation cannot be met. Giving Sigils a single price would allow players to simply chose the ones they prefer, and drop the expectation of increasing intrinsic value. 


Additionally, I believe players should be given a freebie at the top tier to recognize their dedication to a chosen faction and allow them to show off their achievement in game. Currently, making it to Rank 5 will feel like crossing the finish line in front of a croud of zero when you will simply have to go back out and farm up another batch of XP to buy the trophy you supposedly just won. Given the total amount of faction XP required to make it all the way to the top, I believe we all will have earned it when we get there. 

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I'll get on board with this.  As it is, people are already min-maxing the Syndicates with the Viver Rep farm.  They don't need a 10% boost. (For example. )

This, especially the "ultimate for free", and the flat pricing structure would eliminate any perception of "not getting what you paid for" re: sigils giving any tangible benefit aside from being awesome. 


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