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Bokuto\bokken [Training Sword]


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Okay.... Well.. In this game there are many versions of the katana but any person who has taken kendo or any other martial arts school that has a dedicated sword training program knows that you will never touch a real sword til you master the Bokken or Bokuto which are wooden swords designed for training and mastering techniques. This makes me think that this game needs an training sword but unlike the skana should be impact based becuase bokken are not designed to slice the oppenent. The reason that I believe that one is needed is because out of all the weapons in game, none of the swords are based on the basic equipment that you trained with before hand. That and none of the swords are made for impact, just slash and puncture making this more of a niche sword.



The History: Taken from Wikipedia


Bokken were designed to lessen the damage caused by fighting with real swords and were used for the training of samurai warriors in feudal Japan. Bokken eventually became lethal weapons themselves in the hands of trained experts.


Miyamoto Musashi, a kenjutsu master, was renowned for fighting fully armed foes with only one or two bokken. In a famous legend, he defeated Sasaki Kojiro with a bokken he had carved from an oar while traveling on a boat to the predetermined island for the duel.


Usage: also taken from Wikipedia


The bokken is used as an inexpensive and relatively safe substitute for a real sword in several martial arts such as kendo, aikido and kenjutsu. Its simple wooden construction demands less care and maintenance than a katana. In addition, training with a bokken does not carry the same mortal risk associated with that of a sharp metal sword, both for the user and other practitioners near by. While its use has several advantages over use of a live edged weapon, it can still be deadly, and any training with a bokken should be done with due care. Injuries occurring from bokken are very similar to those caused by clubs and similar battering weapons and include compound fractures, ruptured organs, and other such blunt force injuries. In some ways, a bokken can be more dangerous as the injuries caused are often unseen and inexperienced practitioners may underestimate the risk of harm. It is not a sparring weapon, but is intended to be used in kata and to acclimate the student to the feel of a real sword.




Bokken can be made to represent any style of weapon required such as nagamaki, no-dachi, yari, naginata, kama, etc. The most widely used styles are:

  • daitō or tachi (katana-sized), long sword
  • shoto or kodachi or wakizashi bo, short sword, (wakizashi-sized)
  • tantō bo (tantō-sized)
  • suburito can be made in daitō and shoto sizes

And that concludes my idea, thank you.


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Would be a cool weapon to have in the dojo you could grab one off of a weapon rack and do a non lethal duel with another dojo.

I am now seeing Dojo duels requiring pre-provided "training" variants of certain weapon archetypes. Would be an interesting concept IMO, and would at least make sense in-universe.


That said, I could see the training sword being usable in normal missions as a sword or Nikana type weapon that deals primarily Impact damage.

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