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Weapon Augment Feedback (And Possible Issue)


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First off ill tell you what I've found out in summary.
While using the weapon with the augment you get a gauge which fills up after the weapon gets 2000 exp.

After it fill up an effect immediately activates.

For Justice it is from what I can tell 25% hp heal and 1000 magnetic damage (I think, didn't notice any procs)

For Blight it is 25% energy gained and 1000 Viral damage with 100% proc.

Now the problem is that Affinity effects the gauge, as in with affinity booster you fill up the gauge TWICE as fast. I'm not exactly surprised this happened because it is based on exp gain (which is interesting and not a bad idea) but the fact that people with affinity boosters get this with twice the efficiency isn't a good idea. Double Syndicate value points is one thing but almost doubling how effective these mods can be is another.

Here's pictures for proof.

With Affinity booster: 






Without Affinity booster:





Yes I know I screwed up a bit and killed a grineer lancer along with the heavy gunner but the amount of exp he gave was negligible for the purpose of this representation. 

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Sounds unintended to me; DE is usually as wary as we are about the whole P2W issue. Hopefully we can see a fix.


On the other hand, the synergy that Blight mods have with Flow is going to be astounding. I was planning on betraying Red Veil and going with the Arbiters of Hexis after reaching a good level with Meridian, but now I'm torn. XD

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