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Test Driving A Warframe


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Looking up builds. We've all done it. At the very least, just to get a general idea of how we want our warframes to function. But just seeing the stats on a screen can only tell you so much. With the coming hubs and "storefronts" for our Dojo and the coming firing ranges (I thought they'd been confirmed, but I could be wrong) , I see an opportunity to improve the ability of players to help each other (and show off your equipment a little bit). It's quite simple really. The warlord chooses a few of the best tenno in the clan and puts their warframes (with their owner's loadout equipped) on mannequins in the storefront. Maybe with a brief description/ sales pitch. Passing tenno see these warframes on display, and if they're interested, they can pay a few credits to try them out in the firing range. The customer tenno would be able to use these loadouts even if they don't have all the equipment or mods themselves. This helps the clans, by showcasing their members and allowing them to make a few credits here and there. And it helps the other players by giving them a better understanding of how the build functions on a particular warframe, and by giving them something to strive for I'd they don't have the appropriate equipment yet. What do you guys think?

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