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The Ancient Mystery Of The Missing Orokin Stairs


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Since the dawn of the Void missions, these two elusive stair steps have yet to be found. Could it be an elaborate Orokin trap meant to make unwary looters trip and fall? Or did the crafty Lotus take them and carved them into Archwings?

No one knows...



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It's like Grineer Kubrows.


First, there were a Feral Kubrows with the hair.

Then Grineer «adopted» them.

And then we've seen them hairless... and *dun-dun-duuun* we've got moustaches!


I find your comment amusing, but the Drahg are not bald. They're wearing armor. =P


Also. Thanks Killerkarpfen!

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mm, someone stole the stairs. I ordered new ones and they should be installed shortly. Shjould be good with an upcoming update. Thanks for the report and sorry for triggering any ocd!

I stole them for a reason. Touch my artwork and I will get you banned from our beloved warframe community, FISH.

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