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Wts Primes, Mods And Stances For Platinum

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---------- Weapons ----------

Akbronco Blueprint x2

Akbronco Link

Bo Blueprint

Bo Ornamnet x2

Boar Blueprint x2

Boar Reciever x2

Boltor barrel

Boltor Stock

Braton Blueprint

Bronco Blueprint

Bronco Reciever

Fang Handle

Latron Barrel x2

Latron Blueprint x4

Orthos Blueprint

Orthos Handle

Reaper Handle

Reaper Blueprint

Sicarus Barrel

Sicarus Blueprint

---------- Warframes ----------

Ember Helm x2

Frost Chassis

Mag Chassis

---------- Mods ----------

Accelerated Blast x3


Energy Channel

Focus Energy

Fortitude x3

Lethal Torrent x2

Power Throw

Rending Strike

Stunning Speed x3


Wildfire x2

---------- Stances ----------

Cleaving Whirlwind

Coiling Viper

Burning Wasp x2

Clashing Forest

Fracturing Wind

Reaping Spiral

Message me on Xbox want you want and for how much.

Thanks GT : IDanny Brez (Capital i) :)

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