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Good Bye Warframe


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It's with a bit of sadness that that bid wf farewell but it has gotten into a point where the game is no longer interesting to me (over 2k hours and nearly 2 years playing this), I expected AW to be the much needed fresh air but while fun it is beyond awful how many cheap mechanics are used to keep it challenging at any level to the point victory in any higher  mission is close to impossible, this ranges from enemies having a far superior range and even being able to take a tower from very far away (I've seen my tower taken from an enemy that was next to me 900m away from it), not to mention the instantaneous take over of towers. I really liked this game, I supported it even got plat when I could, managed to get a founders pack even if it was just a small one but this is where I draw the line. AW is fun but it shouldn't be out with this many issues and for that reason i'll go as my patience has been depleted.

To all of you good luck and best wishes, and specially to those that helped me out thanks a lot.

For the staff at DE thanks for nearly 2 awesome years.

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