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Getting Logged Out Constantly


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not only every day, but every time i:


try to change my loadout after logging in

try to claim something in the foundry after i build it after logging in

try to fuse a mod

try to sell a mod

try to transmute a mod

after i finish my first mission after logging in (if im host everyone gets disconnected of course)

i try to copy a loadout

i try to make a new loadout

i try to mod my weapon

i try to put a forma on my weapon


the list goes on, after logging in, after about 30-40 seconds, the bug will occur if i attempt to do anything that requires me to send data to DE. if the RARE occurrence happens where i avoid the issue, i have a less chance of getting it for the rest of the time i am logged in but that does not guarantee anything, it can still happen randomly in which i have to re-login to my game. and ironically remember, the issue happens 30-40 seconds after logging in, so it's a permanent loop. 


only 1 month with this issue so far, i'm sure ill just have to get used to it :) i could just picture me a year from now as this major gaming/streaming guy and all the people in my stream wonder why my game constantly closes to login and i hilariously reply i have had this issue forever. 


oh, here is a video to show you the bug/issue. 


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I did have a bug kinda like this. I mean, it happened when I had to send data do DE, but on other situations.

In my case happened twice after a rather long run in the last criotic mission, and a couple of days later it happened after a long Void defense. Everything alright inside the match, but after we finished I got kicked back into login screen, being unable to log in again unless I closed the game completely and reopened after few seconds.


Sorry for not being exactly the same issue as yours :<, but I did see some relation (bug happening when you need to send data) and that's why I decided to post.

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this still happens, and because i don't think it's a "bug" and more of an issue with my game sending data to DE, i will always have this problem. just furthers frustrates me and wants me to stop playing when everything i do logs me out if i do it after 30 seconds of logging in.

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