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Forum Feedback / Bug Reporting During The Weekend


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   As the title says. I assume that there is a larger amount of players during the weekend, thus more feedback and bug reporting. Staff replies generally stop for the weekend (obviously) and of course there are other employees but what currently happens with these posts during the weekend? I remember Rebecca (or Drew? can't remember now) saying they are working on a new way to submit/sort/compile/ them. 


   I'm kinda having a hard time imagining a better way to sort the volume of information than submitting a support ticket. Maybe add more categories and subcategories? That doesn't really help the information posted on the forums though...


   Thinking from DE's point of view, does anyone have any thoughts on other methods they might be able to implement to better receive information on the forums in these sections?


Ironic weekend post about weekend posts is ironic. Also, unsure where I should have posted this thought.

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The ability to *sub-tag* posts in general sections seems like an appropriate way to better sort information. 

For example, you post in General Feedback, which is a vast collection of many different things, often irrelevant to eachother. Instead of just placement, you can add an identifier (these are pre-set to prevent abuse) and tag your thread as "Archwing" or "Mission Rewards", etc.


This keeps the forum sections to a minimum but would allow you to quickly find and identify a group of threads based on their tag.

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