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Tower 4 Defence Bug


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Howdy folks,


My first time here but Skree told me to put this on the forums. Unfortunately my engine crashed before making a screenshot of the correct topic he told me to post it on. Guess here will do, so.... here it is.


I did a T4D run some days ago and extracted when Nyx P bp was rewarded. When I checked my inventory, It was'nt there. Had a couple of drinks so... you know.. you start to see wat you want to see.


Today however, I did another run and got Loki P system as extraction reward (was'nt drunk this time(I'm not always drunk btw)) and yet again... It was NOT in my inventory.


Both of these unfutunate happenings, where on a game that was past wave 15 (nyx bp was on 20, loki sys was on 40). Is this ''bug'' known by anyone else, or Is this a rare bug? If it's a rare bug I'd like to trade it. One unranked ''Vakuum'' and it's yours.




PS, Don't send me ingame msges trying to sell me Nyx P bp or Loki P sys... Or anything else...

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