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Large Team Health Restore


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Seems it's a bug. Large Team Health Restore needs 2 Neural Sensors and 2500 Polymer Bundles. WTF? It makes this new item useless.


It's unreasonably many compared to Medium Team Health Restore.


What do we have?

1x Large Team Health Restore

2 Neural sensors + 2500 Polymer Bundles = 10 x 800 Health = 8000 Health

5x Medium Team Health Restore

2250 Polymer Bundles + 13500 Nano Spores = 50 * 400 Health = 20000 Health



However, with Large Team Energy Restore and Large team Ammo Restore all is ok






Guys, we should unite and demand to stop this ****.

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The new "large" ones are generally pointless to craft (unless you have a s*load of rare resources), you can always spam medium ones.


Energy refill makes sense, you can get 1-2 Morphics on 10waves Sechura, and like 10 of them on Mars defence.

Other Refills are too pricey.

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