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Resource Booster Not Working Correctly


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Everytime I get a double of more than 1 it doesn't really give the total resource of what it should be.

I don't know if other tennos are experiencing this but hear me out. i had this case three times now that is why i decided to post about it,


Resource booster doubles up the resource u get for example:

You pick 1 morphics = 2 morphics (GREAT!)


but the problem is if you got 2 morphics(1 + 1 resource simoultaneously in like a second or two) = 3 Morphics only(LAME!!).

it'll show you received 4 morphics on the low part of your screen. but after the mission, on the summary it'll only show 3.


is that some kind of tax or something???


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Basically, when you are about to do a Dark Sector mission, you can see the Clan/Alliance that owns the rail, and it should have a detail for Credit Tax and Resource Tax. Basically whatever percentage you see is th epercentage taken out of either. So if you get 10,000 credits but there is a 60% tax on credits, then you only get 4,000 credits. If you get 4 morphics, but there is a 25% tax on resources, then you get 3 morphics. The taxed credits/resources are then dropped into the owner Clan's/Alliance's vault for redistribution amongst their supporters or used for things such as rail upkeep.

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