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Kara Valkyr Helmet: Cable 'dreads' Trail In Archwing Missions


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Issue: When playing Archwing missions earlier, I found that the 'dreads' of the Kara helmet were separating from the actual head and floating around behind Valkyr whenever moving. Faster the movement, the further they were separated by. Public game, Corpus Sabotage. Unsure of any further details that may be of use.



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The 'dreads' still vanish and glitch during Archwing missions it appears: 


This was today. All I did was hold 'Move up' and the 'dreads' disappeared from the helmet entirely. Was aiming for clearer view of the problem. Also occurs with 'move down' but harder to see as the Archwing blocks the helmet itself almost immediately.


Sincerely hope I'm not breaking netiquette posting it like this. If so, my apologies.


At any rate, hope this helps.

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