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The Crosshair Of Archwing, And Also At The Normal Mode Too


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After U15, we think Archwing is cool

but for me, there is a big problem on Archwing

The crosshair of it is hard to see, especially on the space

The design of it is fine but it need to become more visible

This problem is obviously on Archwing

I am always focusing on the screen not because of the enemies are too far, but the crosshair is nearly invisible


This is also found at the normal mode, normal weapon.

I have to aim since I can't see the crosshair clearly.


Hopefully we can customize the crosshair by color, size and transparency.




Also, sometimes the frame is too close to the crosshair (any mode) and block for aiming

I also want the adjustable setting for the position of the frame.

At least I want the frame more shifted to the left and I can aim more easily.

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The colour choice is often the problem, the overuse of white and white lines -- too many of them.  Speaking of lines, I have no idea what those horizontal lines are for, it seems they try to mimic the altitude indicator of real world plane, for that they actually serve important purpose.  For this game they don't move like one, besides there is no need for it.  They serve no purpose but distraction.  I think level designers in DE generally do a good job, but UI guys are so prone to overdesign.

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