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I Love Flying My Ship But The Controls Are Wrong.


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I love flying my ship on loading screen but the controls are wrong.




I think most people know that when you push forward you should go down and when push back you should go up.

To me this is intuitive, but to those that don't find it intuitive, here is illustration.


If you stand still, keep feet your together and have friend push you forward you will fall on your face and be looking at the floor.


However, If you are pushed backward you will fall on your back and be looking up.

This is how it works in nature and it should mimic in the flight controls.




DE please change the controls to follow the presented standard.





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This applies to a joystick, not keyboard controls, for a joystick when you move it in any direction you can assume the craft is fixed to the position of the joystick(best way for me to explain that), but when it comes to keyboard controls the most "intuitive" method is to fix up to forward, and down to backward.

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