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Weapons Free In Dojo After Dueling


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Sometimes after dueling, one of the combatants is able to keep their weapons out and move freely about the dojo; it seems to occur more frequently when a combatant is staggered or otherwise disabled as the duel ends.  It could also be related to having players with unusually high latency involved, but I have as yet been unable to narrow down what specifically causes the issue.  As a result of the above bug, a number of other bugs/exploits become apparent:

-Speed abilities such as the volt #2 power, or dash abilities can break the obstacle course

-Some decorations in the dojo, such as the trading post, bleed when shot

-Players with explosive weaponry can down one or both combatants from outside the duel arena

-Players can down themselves with explosive weaponry in the dojo

--Other players can revive them as normal

--In the event they bleed out, no option to revive is displayed, and the menu becomes inaccessible.  Alt+F4 must be used to exit the game

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