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Since U15 I Am Unable To Play Anymore!


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Since that update got released, I can't play any mission.

Either I get stuck in the loading screen, no matter if it's an alert, the Archwing mission, the Halloween mission or just a random mission or the whole game crashes, even with a bluescreen restarting my PC.


That's simply not acceptable!


I know my PC is old and hardly matches the requirements, but I was fine till U15 got released playing on lowest settings.

The game ran fluent and I hardly had issues besides the "known" bugs that nearly all people had.


But this a new experience, realizing the no mission will even start.

Pretty disappointing being forced to stop after 2000+ hrs.


No hotfix seems to help so far and I really hope this will be fixed some day.

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Well, there's nothing to optimize anymore.

The bluescreen was once and only while I was trying to start a mission in Warframe, I not have any issues with others games.

Most of the time, I just get stuck in the loading screen, even if the bar is full, I can't enter the mission and play.


All missions were running fine since U15 got released, so it's pretty weird, that if I just wanna start a normal mission like Extermination on Mercury, my rig is suddenly to bad for this game.

DE didn`t change anything on normal missions, so what is the problem with the old ones?


Anyway, I can't afford a new system yet, so I guess, I simply can't play the game any longer.

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If you're running on a 32-bit OS, that's the problem. The Dev's are still trying to figure out the cause and that may take a while. If you're willing to get a 64-bit OS. You will be able to run WF.

Uh no. Only XP with 32 bits is affected, not all 32 bit systems.


Well sadly, I heard they already, and I quote: "optimized the S#&$ out of the update". If it can't run, it most likely won't. There won't be a magical patch that will make your fps go from 5 to 60.

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