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The Things To Put On Tenno's Face!


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I really like the idea of masks and it was first thing that came to mind. Oni masks are sometimes depicted on ninja in other stories/games/etc and they already exist as a thing for sentinels. I think something could be done here, though I don't think i'd want to just carbon copy what has been done for sentinels. I would like to see something a bit less prosaic than just a skin decal on the muzzle as it were, however.


Depending on how much area they intend the face to cover they could even venture into the world of localized augumentations. Such as a device that fits over one eye, or something akin to a scarf-like (but not literally, of course) that goes over the mouth regions.


Considering the addition of Syandannas and Armor bits that have come in the last year, the possibilities are out there.

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