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An Idea To Fix Banish's Single Target.


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I like this idea. The main problem with limbo right now is that he only has two methods of banishing enemies to the rift, but both of them are inadequate at the moment. In my experience, enemies rarely enter the Cataclysm (unless they're melee-based), which makes Cataclysm great for protecting pods and not much else. That leaves Banish as the only other means of sending enemies to the rift, but its cost combined with single-targeting makes it pointless to use against all but the strongest of foes.


This is especially problematic because he has an entire ability devoted to improving his damage only against enemies in the rift. However, currently, he is completely incapable of consistently sending enemies there.


As it is, I find that Rift Walk is his only truly useful ability, with Cataclysm occasionally coming in handy for defence-type missions. Otherwise, Cataclysm tends to be more of an annoyance, as enemies never enter it, and its large area makes it a nuisance for looting.

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