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Clan Requiem Night Looking To Recruit ...(South African Based)


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Watsup fellow Tenno... We're a newly formed clan looking for player and research expansion and other players to trade and mission with...


We're South African based but anyone is welcome to join... we're students and have day jobs but are still active most days and consist of capable players using warframes like NYX, VOLT, MAG, RHINO AND EXCALIBUR...


Anyone interested can email at weezzil@yahoo.com, pm me or invite me ingame my ID is Archideviant..


Looking forward to playing this amazing game ywith you peeps.. peace out

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Our DOJO is still under development but me and a few of our members being architects you ca be guaranteed that we'll have a sick looking dojo..


Mastery levels,contribution and dedication to the clan will determine your rank within the can but we're easy going so as much as we need structure and discipline we're quite chilled...


RANKINGS: A brief break down of the ranks


Daimyo- The clan founder and leader, position held by myself .. 


Hatamoto- Personal friends and that run the clan in my stead..


Taisho- Captain class clan rank to serve as clan council and vice leaders..


Busho- Members that enforce rules and regulations and make sure the clan is abuse free ..


Samurai- Standard ranking for most  active players serving as the prime soldier class.. 


Yari Samurai- On and off clan members who are not as active as other holding much less responsibility but still looking to be active in a clan ..


Chugen- Starting rank still awaiting rank placement and responsibilities..


Every society needs a structure, we have ours, which feeds on the main idea of enjoying the game to its fullest and socializing but at he same time retaining respect for fellow Tenno..

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