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Bloodwave Looking For Members (All Timezones)


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We are looking to rebuild the clan from a collapse, and have plenty of room for members regardless of game experience. The members of Bloodwave are friendly and helpful, and we would like to keep it that way. Bloodwave uses Raidcall to communicate with each other whether we are in game or not. We enjoy running together and often run Voids and Derelict missions. We have good game knowledge and are willing to help out new members as well as 


We have a large Dojo, with most tech research completed. The Dojo is still being worked on and expanded currently, but is functional.


Most members have left or went inactive over the past couple of months and I would love to gather a large active member base once again. All TimeZones are welcome to join, but the primary language of the clan is English. We are also looking for people that we can rely on to help fill the leadership positions in the clan if you are interested in helping build a better clan.


P.M. me in game (or send me a mail if I'm not online) for more information or for a membership request, my in game name is also Dagnien.

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