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Dojo Huge Bug


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Me and another clan member inadvertently tried to construct the same node in the dojo. I started to construct one room and seconds later he was able to choose a different selection and both selections are for the room under the clan log. Now anytime anyone from the dojo tries to enter the room it says "" Unable to retrieve Dojo data. Please try again.


After numerous attempts to try again, entering the dojo. It shows please wait... than the same annoying message for all my clan members. The clan log last two entries was "...contributions to begin construction and the time of those 2 entries are being updated to the current time anyone tries to enter the dojo.


After multiple attempts to enter the game logs off and logs back in on ordis ship.


please contact me or any of my clan members: Deadly Shadows 420


ps4 user: Deranged_Soul420


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