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Loka Deathsquad Spawn In Wrong Location


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I was doing my dailies for Arbiters, RNGeesus rolled me defence mission on Earth.

Since I was supporting Suda, New Loka sent Ancients deathsquad for me. They spawned in wrong location, instead on ramp where cryopod and I were, they spawned on ground. One of Ancients got stuck in geometry.


Parasitic ancients sucked my power so I could not stomp to kill that arson eximus hidden behind that door. By the way, eximuses were hostile to grineer I was fighting, venomous eximus decimated half of lancer squad before I found him.

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and u dont take energy restores with u?

Nope, I forgot to equip them. Not a big deal to force repeat after one wave, but If would happen at 2 waves remaining I could rage. Syndicate defence missions are very annoying, rarely find someone to play with.

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