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The Host System - Missions Failures


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So, the host system....

I know that DE can't afford servers for missions, but the host system is the only thing making me mad about the game...


The main reason to that, isn't the lag (it is a big reason too though) but the missions failure because of someone else's connection. Especially when you "completed" the mission.


It happened too many times that, I went on a Survival/Defense/Interception mission, stayed in the mission for 10+ minutes, and then I was disconnected from the host (not because of my internet but because of HIS), and ALL of my efforts were gone.


It's still a big issue for people who go on shorter missions, but could you at least code something to make the mission automatically win if you get disconnected from the host if you spent 10+ minutes in it and got the extraction option unlocked at least once?

I know you can't solve all of the Host system issues, because it's mainly not your fault, but this way, I could stop wasting time and getting mad at the game for not rewarding me for all the efforts I put it the mission.



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