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Can't Do Red Veil Mission Due To Halloween Special On Oro Sector


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Ok, Ok...


Not to whine too terribly much, but there is a Red Veil special alert that has been superseded by the (admittedly, cool) Halloween fog mission on Oro. 


I have no problem with the Halloween mission.  But the Red Veil special alert has just a few hours left - and that Halloween mission has been denying access since the start.  (Yes, I saw the Red Veil Alert come up with in minutes of it's start nearly 24 hours ago.)


So unless I am missing something, it is impossible to actually do the Red Veil mission - though I have tried at least 6 times.  It always go straight to the Halloween mission - and the Red Veil mission does not 'go away' as if completed (like the other 2 did).


Just saying.  Feel a little ripped since I have been trying to do the mission within the 24 hour period given.


Trying to earn those rep points, man...

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