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Please Give Us Better Log In Rewards


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You're getting a free lottery ticket for logging in each day. Is that really something to be complaining about?



"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."



(Some better logic from the experience rewards would be nice, though)

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I would rather the rewards go in a rotation. 


Days 1-2 -random affinity boost.

Days 3-4 -random credit boost/chance at extra affinity.

Days 5-6 -random login blueprint.

Day 7 -boosted rare item chance/random reward.*


*All days have a chance at a rare item, these being forma/catalysts, etc, there is just an added chance.

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A bit better logic for rewards would be nice. For example if you recieve a BP for a weapon or frame it could first check wich ones you allready own and give you the ones you dont have yet. For XP reward has 2 major issues. The first being that it is applied directly to stuff you wear, giving you no chance to direct it to a different item. The second its simply to low to be usefull. You gain more XP out of small missions and the number of XP required to level items is far bigger then the XP given by the reward.

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That's totally random... you can get exp (affinity) or a sale on plat as you can get forma or orokin reactor/catalyst.... I, for example, got 1 forma 3 day in a row... lucky, and now i get only affinity.

I know about the random forma/catalyst/reactor but is TOO rare I got my last catalyst form log on like in June and I log in almost every day

Plus plat discounts are inly for PC not on PS4

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