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The Way Conclave Was Meant To Be.


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Yes, I know there are a lot of threads about this, but I wanted to state my opinion.

After watching some videos of pre-update 14 conclave..I just wanted it back.

I want to use burston prime again, since it barely does any dmg.

I know this might not happen, but a little part of me still hopes it will.

By pre-update 14 conclave, I mean:

-All weapons do dmg (even 1 shots).

-All frames must be able to do parkour.

-You should be able to see your teammate and enemies hp.

-Downed player should be visible (also when reviving).

-After 1 player is downed, the other should die instead of going down again.

The reason for weapon damage back is so its fun and the ability to mod it properly.

Right now, I need to add all damage mods to make my gun do damage which leaves no room for mods like speed trigger, punch through mods, reload etc.

Parkour is needed. It creates a way to escape or to reach a teammate downed on the top platform etc.

Please DE, please give us back our old conclave.

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I 100% agree, bring Conclaves back to pre U14. At least get rid of the damage reduction in Conclaves, the damage reduction is great in Dark sectors (and could arguably use more), but it does not fit in with the Conclave PvP style. Oh, and getting vaulting back to where it was would be OK too (but I understand this is beyond the realm of PvP). I would rather have all of the QT Ragers back then this mess. I understand the change to not be able to see the enemies health, but Conclaves is not really and area for "enemies." Conclaves is the friendly place to beat the poop out of each other. And, I really want to re-equip glaive. it was quite a blow when I landed 5 throws and about 2 explosions on an opponent in Conclave and they survived (they were a Valkyr, but I am pretty sure there was no QT). Oh, and the stager with melee... spin attacks are powerful enough (I am fine with damage), they don't need to stagger also (maybe handspring and knockdown resist mods should counter staggering also?).

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I agree with DrBorris, old conclave was so fun that it took my soul from PvE to PVP, now it's a mess. I don't even think DE reads these important PVP feedback threads, if they did it should've improved by now.

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