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Selling Prime Parts And Mods

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Pm here or in-game :)


Prime Parts


Akabronco Prime BP x2 -> 12p each        
Bo Prime BP     x1 -> 25p
Bo Prime Ornament x1 -> 7p
Boar Prime Receiver x1 ->3p
Dakra Prime Blade x3 -> 8p each
Fang Prime Blade x5 -> 5p each
Fang Prime Handle x1 -> 7p
Latron Prime Barrel x2 -> 2p each
Latron Prime BP x1 -> 2p
Lex Prime Barrel x1 -> 6p
Paris Prime BP x1 -> 3p
Paris Prime Grip x1 -> 3p
Paris Prime Lower Limb x3 -> 3p each
Scindo Prime BP x1 -> 12pl
Sicarus Prime Barrel x5 -> 5p each

Frame Parts

Rhino Prime System x4 -> 5p each
Mag Prime BP x1 -> 5p
Mag Prime Chassis x1 -> 5p
Mag Prime Helmet x1 -> 5p
Frost Prime Helmet x2 -> 5p each
Ember Prime helmet x1 5p


Eleventh Storm x1 -> 12p
Fracturing Wing x20 -> 5p each
Gemini Cross x1 -> 5p
Reaping Spiral x10 -> 10p each


Anemic Agility x1 -> 10p
Continuity x2 -> 10p each
Flow x3 -> 5p each
Heavy Caliber x1 -> 20p
Hell's Chamber x1 -> 10p
Master Thief x1 -> 12p
Power Throw x3 -> 5p each
Streamline x2 -> 10p each
Serration x1 -> 10p

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