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Archwing Idea,<The Zodiac Series>


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I thought of not 1 archwing but 3 and they will be called the Zodiacs


The Archwings


*Mk-1 Zodiac- This is a hit and run specialist Archwing it is capable of dealing large amounts of damage and capable of leaving thefield quickly however it has lower armor,health and shield. It is not recomended for holding a position

*Mk-2 Zodiac- A support class Archwing. Its has balanced stats but its real strength comes from its ability to support its allies from afar and as such it has the highest power range of the 3

*MK-3 Zodiac- The so-called warrior type of the three , It is capable of facing overwhelming odds and succeding. Has high shield, armor, and health. Its skills fall either of these 2 types buffing itself or destroying the foe their is no mid point



* Mk1-Zodiac

Gemini- the archwing teleports 3/4/5 times in a row leaving clones where ever it stops. once the last jump is completed all the clones detonate

Sagittarius- The archwing moves in a straight line. as it does this (non- homing)missiles are deployed from it fanning out which will detonate once they hit an enemy or once the reach a certain distance

Pisces- Twin homing missiles that deal a random proc chance to whoever it hits. This I think would make a good first skill i think.

Capricorn- ( i got nothing :p)


*Mk-2 Zodiac

Aquarius- regenerates both health and shield of all allies within her range

Virgo- all allies withing her range will have doubled status, critical, and proc damage for a time(open for new ideas)

Libra- will work similar to mags polarize.(open to new ideas)

Scorpio- fires a missile that detonates when pressed again. all damge done to enemies caught in the blast will turn to health and shields to allies who where caught in the blast (a lot like lifesteal)


MK-3 Zodiac

Taurus- The achwing creates a shield, once it reaches a certain amount of damage or time runs out all the collected damage will be sent out in a wave damaging all enemies

Aries- The archwing sends out a constant sound that causes enemies to lose armor and deplete shields lasts for a duration

Cancer- A pair of energy axes will be wielded by the warframe and will deal 3/4/5 times the damage, crit damage, of the melee weapon. it will also have increased crit chance. during this time the player will have increased speed.

Leo- The acrhwing itself turns into a gatling gun that is held by the warframe, it deals a large amount of damage per shot. Player will be immobile and unable to use melee while using this skill



my idea is that both the harness and wings will be the same for all. Ex Zodiac Harness and Zodiac wings

what will change is the systems and they will have to make another component called the core. Ex. Mk-1 System and Mk-1 Core. So the final product requirments would look like this.

Mk-1 Zodiac:

Zodiac Harness, Zodiac Wings, Mk-1 Systems , Mk-1 Core.

Mk-2 Zodiac:

Zodiac Harness, Zodiac Wings , Mk-2 Systems, Mk-2 Core

Mk-3 Zodiac

Zodiac Harness, Zodiac Wings, Mk-3 Systems,Mk-3 Core


Where it will be gotten from from is up to DE

So how do you like my idea? also can you give an ability for capricorn and can you give good ideas for a support class

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