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A Few Archwing Mission Ideas


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So, Archwing is all this raw potential brimming with opportunity.

It still has a few rough edges, but I think it's a good point to propose what kind of missions I would like to play on Archwing, to help shape up future developments.


Inspiration for ideas:


What happens in Warframe before the Liset drops the player? What happens after Extraction? It would be interesting to see the 'other side' of those mission event, of which we currently only have access to via cutscenes. 


Mission: Drop Zone



The objective of this mission is to clear up a drop zone, so that another team of Warframes can infiltrate a target. (Fomorian Cruiser, starbase, planet settlement, etc.)


It begins with a deception-style target: One archwing carries a payload (a jammer) which must be inserted in the long-range antennas of the base, to prevent calling for reinforcements.


Once the  long-range antenna is jammed, the team proceeds to attack a few anti-air guns, to allow for the Liset's approach. Missions would have a number of those targets. 


It would end with a cutscene showing a 4 Liset team approaching the landing zone  to drop warframes on a land mission. 


New enemies: AA battery


Mission: Extraction


The objective of the mission is to clear up a landing zone so that a Warframe team can be extracted. 


The Archwings would be deployed at a distance from the ship and would have to finish off a number of scout drones on their way to the ship. Upon reaching the ship, they would have to secure the landing zone. It would be like a "mobile defense", triggering a console and defending a point.


The console trigger is sending the signal for the extraction Lisets to approach and dock. They would have to be defended from enemy drones as they approach, and after they are docked as well, until the timer runs out and the extraction is successful. 



Mission: Boarding


Archwing-style invasion. I would like to see mission objectives stringed together on a mission.


Like the Archwing quest, when you fly your archwing the first time. Two opposing sides (Grineer, Corpus, Infested ship) have two ships side by side, and guns ablaze on both sides. 


The Boarding mission has 4 stages: A land stage defending from the invaders, an airborne stage to go to the other ship, another land stage attacking the opponent, and a final airborne stage.


1st stage: securing the ship

The Warframe team enters as warframes (land combat) in one ship, defending it from the intruders. They have to reach the entry points and seal them first.

A new type of 'enemy' (or ally depending on your side) would be introduced: The Security Crewman/Security Grineer. This would be a special forces agent which can seal doors shut. It must be escorted to a specific terminal to hack it shut, so that specific doors - from which the boarding enemies come in are closed 'permanently'. As he reaches the terminal, he must be defended to finish his job.

There would be at least 2 terminals/doors to be shut, and at least 1 must be successfully closed fo r the next battle stage to start. letting the security officer die before the first terminal is hacked means mission lost. The security officer may be healed by powers and revived limited times. Every revive reduces his bleedout time by -3 seconds, until insta-death. 


After shutting the doors, the Warframes would go to a room with launch pods per Lotus instructions (perhaps with Ordis complaints) escorting the security officer.  They launch themselves into space just after the pod launches, pick up their archwings, and battle a bunch of drones until they reach the other ship. The drones are numbered, it is basically an extermination step. 

Cutscene: Upon reaching the endpoint of the second stage, the Archwings would accelerate sending the Warframes ramming through another glass panel on the enemy ship, detaching from them at the last moment before impact. 


The players would then race to one of those invasion pods, where there would be an ally Security officer to be escorted again, to un-shut the doors in the enemy ship. Again, the players would have to defend the security offices mobile-defense-style. Afterwards they would have to take the security office back to the escape pod to escape. 


Finally, they would fly off from the ship with their Archwings and go to a location far away from it for extraction. 


It's kinda like the same mission played twice back-to-back in 2 tilesets, but that's actually more or less how invasion takes place. 




Archwings have life support systems, so the enemy can't choke you out. How do we do survival with Archwings?


Archwing survivals would take place very close to the sun, or inside the heavy gravity of Jupiter/Saturn gas giants, or close to a 'Void Sun' (a massive star inside the Void).


The focal point is that massive celestial bodies are emitting energy which is being harvested by the grineer/corpus/infested. either the sun's radiation, or the gas giants gravity are being used to power massive facilities. To build Balor Fomorians and such. 


Archwings are light, small and personal, and are not able to withstand those extreme environments. They would need extra energy to keep going against a massive gravity pull, or to have their shields resist against the strong energy emissions from a star too close by. 


So there would be this environment with a masive, intricate maze of antennas/ energy harvesters, and the players would try to stop them. 



A little spin would be an assortment of control panels around the place, where the player would have the option to run a decypher . A successful decypher would have a lore and gamepaly effect:


Lore - the panel would temporarily disable the battery chargers, delaying the facility operation. It is cosmetic only, you'd hear a Lotus and/or Ordis congratulation for your efforts, and perhaps a 'brace yourself' too. 

Gameplay - The player would be raising an alert, luring enemies to his location; he is actively requesting enemies to spawn more/stronger at his vicinity. Due to game engine limitations (enemy limit, ram) , this could flag the game to teleport enemies far away to the close vicinity of the player. 




I am posting here for completeness, since I have already posted it separately. 


Archwing Excavation should yield 10 Oxium instead of 100 Cryotic. It can be left mostly as-is. 


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