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Bullpup Smg's- A Counter To The Bulky Flashy Weapons Of Warframe Today


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These two weapons hav been on the Forum before, but they need more attention. Theres so much bulky, large and overdecorated weapons that there are vertically no small primaries.

The Grineer Zubmazeengun
Functional and 'in-your-face' like the Grineer prefer, this is the favored weapon of Grineer Grenadiers. As their name suggests, Grenadiers love tossing grenades and aren't afraid of doing so.

Tenno SMG
A primary too large to be a secondary, this small but handy SMG introduces small benefits to weaponry: Equipping it requires 50% less time then it normally would to wield another Rifle.

Both of these use Pistol Mods and ammunition for balancing reasons, because we cant really use another fire rate freak that eats ammo.

Please dont condemn me for bringing back added stats. It makes it more realistic and beneficial to wield weapons. Besides, you can get both from the Market - if you are to whine about F2P-P2W stuff.
I imagined these beneficial weapon stats being limited to primary and secondary weapons. Not doing Stamina-stats, the effect is too small to be noticed. Unless we are talking about Melee, which does use Stamina since a few updates ago.

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