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So I've been playing this game for a while, and recently got bored to death of everything the game has to offer.
Neither frames or weapons I'm yet to unlock and level up seem interesting enough for me to play. At the moment, I'm preparing myself to Nekros, as it is the only frame I see interesting after Trinity.

Anyway, as I said, I'm bored with nothing to do, besides the Orokin Derelict defense mission. And the reason behind is the will to break the "record", and so I'm asking you to share your personal record so I can overthrow it.

Thank you. Sharing is caring. :3

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Some day, we might be able to extract directly out of the liset. (Choosing Planet - Scavengerhunt)

We can then fly around to find some loot, or perhaps invaide one of the flying ships we see. And thats how we enter random mission with some that have done the same. (fictional idea)


Or you know, HUB's are predicted to come our way in 15.5 and that will surely make things more of a cosy enovirement. To enjoy the precense of others and show off you'r Tenno. 


When you say it gets boring, I get what you mean. And HUB's, for me.. Will surely make that "boring" in to a joy again. You might think it will be boring after a while, but for me. Meeting new people will be enough not to make it so.  





If you really are bored of missions, start doing something different. Other gear, that you enjoy more than a Rhino Prime and Boltor Prime (exaplme) and run around with nothing but excalibro and the skana. I did this once, in a T4 Defense. The guys doubted me, they were gonna kick me. But I ensured them, they would not be dissapointed. Trust me, in the end they were shocked and I were their saviour. 


So roleplay could be a thing to do in the meanwhile. 

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I was thinking that WF was a bit boring (I know, heresy), but after that I got real busy with life and didn't play it for like 5 days, then when I got the chance I stayed online for like 6 or 7 hours.....so just take a break and you'll soon do anything to get back

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I hang out in the dojo and model rooms, and i just play with friends. I dont play this game constantly though i havent played during the first two weeks of U14.

I go play another game or work on drawing and stuff - when i come back i fel a need to play again because i missed it.

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The game really is boring, don't bother. Just quit and play something actually fun.

if only that was the case for everyone... Still waiting for a AVP Planetside game... The day that comes out is when Warframe suddenly becomes boring... because who doesn't love being Xenomorph wall climbing, and waiting for some careless player to walk right under you LOL...

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Take a break from Waframe. 

I'd say it's the best way, I had to do this quite a few times whenever I was bored of Warframe.

Play something else till you want to get back to Warframe.


Other than that, challenging and intense games are also great.

I went to Draco recently not realizing that enemy levels were upped on Ceres.

Broberon with unranked Boar P and fully modded Dakra. I wasn't prepared to fight lvl 50 grineer but we managed it.

Had a lot of fun there.

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