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Ice Wave Animation Isn't Moving Over Terrain The Way It Should


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Other than what you see here, in the screenshot below, where it just animates from a different height and cuts corners when moving across terrain like crates.

It should traverse them naturally and be animated for all possible objects that it might have to scale up.
+I have an idea for one animation possibility
The ice wave would leave the ground and make an arcing jump over objects and when leaving a high ledge to crash below and continue it's path. This could, essentially just be a few shards that leave the ground, but continue the wave when they land.

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Yeah the way Ice Wave is made is that it traverses only on a horizontal plane. I do think that having it traverse vertically would be nice too, since, for gameplay purposes, it might be able to hit things like cameras, or maybe enemies that stick on walls (thinking of possible new enemy design).

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