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Auster - The Fog Themed Warframe


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after the Halloween event I came up with an idea to have a fog(or gas) themed warframe

I mixed this concept with my concept of a miko frame long long time ago


The name Auster came from Roman mythology,  he is the god of fog

His Greek name is Notus, and that's why I chose the Roman name, not the Greek one (too similar to Lotus)

Because I want a warframe wearing miko's cloth, so the warframe will be a female <--important

and she would be a team support + dps warfarme


Appearance: sorry for bad drawing



I didn't come up with skill names, so just descriptions, numbers are just placeholders to indicate the relative duration between skills and for the maxed skill level


1: cost 25, throw a card (o-fuda) out, the card follows a target, stick on it and creates a layer of fog around the target. Deals AoE DoT gas damage if the target is enemy, heals by 30% max. health if the target is ally. Affected by strength (damage), duration (DoT effect), range (targeting range, not the AoE) and efficiency.


2: cost 50, Auster stick a card on herself, creates a layer of fog with radius of 8 meters around her (like the slow globe of artic eximus). She and her allies in the fog will be invisible as long as they stay in the fog. The layer of fog last for 10 seconds and melee strike will receive a x2 multipler. Affected by duration and efficiency.

(this skill came from my old concept on miko, it was called Kamikakushi, means "spirited away")


3: cost 75, throw a card out, the card follows an ally and stick on him. Gives 50 energy to the ally, damage reduction of 35% and regeneration for 15 seconds, affected by strength (the damage reduce multiplier, maximum of -60%, & recovery rate), duration, range (targeting range) and efficiency.Multiple cast, on the same target will renew the effect.


4: cost 100, throw a card to the targeting area, the area will be covered with fog, confuses enemies in the area initially and deals DoT gas damage to enemies who entered the area (with possibility of having confusion). Allies in the area will have x2 melee multiplier and reduced range damage (-50%). Last for 30 seconds. Affected by strength (the gas damage, damage reduction of cap of 80%), duration, range (both targeting range and radius) and efficiency. Single cast.

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