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Embolist Shouldn't Be Left Out From The New Range Increase Mod


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hoi tenno ^^

as all of you know, DE added new range increase mod (rifle and pistol) for continuous  "hold" weapons, and I'm very happy that the Ignis (one of my fav) was included in the new mod, and that the thread I've made about wanting to include it was considered by DE

so in this thread, I'm begging to DE to please include the Embolist so it can use the new range increase mod for the pistol, I find it very unfair that it isn't included, in the wiki, it says in the embolist page "like the ignis".....the ignis was included in the rifle version of that mod, so why not the embolist? since it's "like" the ignis, 6m of range bad, ignis with the new mod is like 30m, only giving the embolist that 200% magazine capacity syndicate mod isn't really helpful 
please consider this suggestion DE :/ 

thank you ^.^

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That's the wrong mod.  Sinister Reach is for primaries only.


You need Ruinous Extension.  Drops from Venus boss, Jackal.

guys, I know it doesn't, my problem is that the range increase mod for the PISTOL doesn't work on the embolist, it says so in the wiki :/

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